Friday, November 5, 2010


I came from town. Snow is falling.
Didn`t find a job.
Snow is falling. Legs are tired.
Hungry, worn, hungry.

No path ahead, no beams of light
The time is late, but look! -
A little spot of light not far
is flickering at last.

Knock-knock-knock and step inside -
door is kindly opened.
A girl is taking bread from oven,
warm bread - just think of it!

Warm room and smell so sweet.
Hungry... "Would you like some bread,
stranger?" Tore a piece for me.

A hearty piece of warm bread,
nothing tastes as sweet.
Warm bread and warm heart,
someone so still and kind.

"Stranger, where you from and where
you go? You have a wife?"
"I came from there, im going there -
wander all my life."

"Have you brothers, have you sisters,
are your parents still alive?"
"Im alone, the truth is bitter -
all of them have died..."

"Tibi-tibi, tibi-tibi...
the biggest one is rooster!
I have four little chicken,
chatting made them waken..."

Juhan Liiv 1905

(translated to English by c:)


Down to the stone fence, where nettles and rubbish powder of woodstack is, there goes the sparrow, deeper and away from sunshine and the cat.

The sparrow`s wing is broken, she cannot fly.

Tweet, tweet- the skylarks are high in the air. The swallows chirp and fly like arrows, white-throated and glossy black as they are, up and down, back and forth, they disappear to the sky and then come out again, the sun pours out it`s heavenly light and the evening`s glow-

Tweet, tweet!

Tweet, skylarks, swallows, sun, sky and air:

Tweet, tweet!

Does your heart also long for freedom, you outcasted sparrow with a broken wing, down, under the stone fence?


Does that little heart inside your grey coat know what desire is?

Juhan Liiv

(translated by c:)