Friday, November 5, 2010


Down to the stone fence, where nettles and rubbish powder of woodstack is, there goes the sparrow, deeper and away from sunshine and the cat.

The sparrow`s wing is broken, she cannot fly.

Tweet, tweet- the skylarks are high in the air. The swallows chirp and fly like arrows, white-throated and glossy black as they are, up and down, back and forth, they disappear to the sky and then come out again, the sun pours out it`s heavenly light and the evening`s glow-

Tweet, tweet!

Tweet, skylarks, swallows, sun, sky and air:

Tweet, tweet!

Does your heart also long for freedom, you outcasted sparrow with a broken wing, down, under the stone fence?


Does that little heart inside your grey coat know what desire is?

Juhan Liiv

(translated by c:)

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